My name is Justina. I make images and websites for people and businesses. I enjoy doing work that quietly improves daily life and I love working with like-minded bright individuals on projects that are meaningful, challenging and inspiring.

Below you can check out some of my works-in-progress.

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This is a blog I styled for my concert photographs and personal projects.

link: blastbeat.us

This is a blog I styled for my wedding photographs and lifestyle portraiture.

link: Weddings.JustinaV.com

This is a website I styled for my tour photographs and to showcase multiple photography projects

link: JustinaV.info

I started this project in 2011 to break the stereotypes of what female musicians, promoters, artists and fans look like. I talk more about the project with Girls Don't Like Metal.

link: via blastbeat.us

Ongoing documentation of an amazing organization called Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

link: via blastbeat.us

This work in progress is a single column, responsive theme designed for blogs and online magazines that feature text-heavy content.

link: test.justinav.info

select clients

AOL Music

High Times

Silver Suites Residences

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls


html + css + css3

Adobe Creative Suite

Wordpress + Tumblr

beginner's JavaScript

photo gear

Canon + Nikon

Profoto + Dynalite

Hasselblad + PhaseOne

Alien Bee + Quantum

get in touch

Living in Weehawken, NJ.

Ready to travel.

email: hello@justinav.com

phone: (201) 870-7500

twitter: @justinavphoto